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What Is Life Coaching?

     Clients will reach out when they either have a specific goal or item/ situation they are stuck on and know they want to work to figure it out and achieve the result they desire, or, they are feeling lost, confused, hopeless, or overwhelmed and have absolutley no idea where to start but they are ready to figure it out and do the work to not feel that way anymore. 

    Together, the client and I will dig deep into the situation, get clarity, map out an road map that is customized for the individual based on their current position and lifestyle to get them to where they want to go. There are many different resources and tools we can tap into, trying out different modalities is important to ensure the client is comfortable and doing the work that is needed yet WORKS for the client. There is no such thing as one-size-size-fits-all in coaching.

     Some examples of tools we may use are; EFT, Talking, Roadmapping, Meditation, Journaling Exercises, Neurofeedback, Energy Work, Environmental Manipulation, Movement/ Exercise, Nutrition, Assesments, Cognitive-Behavioral Theory, Experimental Learning, NLP, and more.

     In short a life coach is a wealth of knowldge and resources the client can tap into and together they find the best solution to reach the clients end goal.

What Is Business Coaching?

     Similar to Life Coaching, Business Coaching allows the Client to work with the Coach to map out what it takes to reach the end result the Client is looking for when it comes to business. The Coach, having experience in multiple business facets, is able to support in ways such as; legal compliance, business planning, leadership training and development, marketing strategy, sales focus, consumer psychology, structure and abstract thinking to define and structure the business the way that fits the client best.


     Even if you don't own or run a business, managers, employees and even job seekers canbenefit from coaching with improving their knowledge of psychology, industry, and how to sell themsevles or their ideas in a professional setting. 

     There are other areas that can be highlighted in business coaching, this is just a quick list to give you an idea. Alyssa DelTorre believes in a whole life, whole body approach, meaning that if the individual who is leading or working in the business isn't whole and stable, the business or work will directly reflect that. Many of the Life Coaching practices will overlap with the Client for Business Coaching to ensure the Client is fully supported from all angles of life. 

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