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She was there guiding me mentally and emotionally through my divorce, fine tuning my internal values and taught me how to develop healthy boundaries and relationships. To her, I’m forever grateful and still maintain a relationship with her since she’s retired.

At the age of 18 while attending the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis, I dove headfirst into fitness and trying out different diets. This provided an entirely new level of healing, mental and emotional balance, and sense of self-worth because of the chemical reactions that happen within the body when you work out and feed it properly. Since then, I’ve fluctuated within a healthy range of weight and even reached the best shape of my life (so far 😉) when I competed and obtained the title of Ms. United States 2018.


To know who I am and what I’m about there are a few details I believe are important to share for anyone who is considering coaching with me. Knowing where your mentor, teacher, coach, trainer or therapist came from and the struggles they went through to get to where they are at is important to know for many reasons. If they share similar experiences that you have in your journey, they will be able to relate in a way and provide a path of tools and answers that are actually effective for you to reach your desired goals, that others simply can’t  if they haven’t shared such an experience.

I grew up in Eden Prairie, MN with an older brother who was what seemed like the “golden child” while I was the black sheep. Two, previously abused, parents were my role models, one, who loved to use substances and abuse the rest of us any way that suited him in the moment. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

At a very young age, I was aware that the behavior that was being displayed wasn’t beneficial to anyone and that if I was to get out of this a fully functioning adult, I needed to sort through the pain, memories, and trauma I’d lived through, not only at home but in peer groups as an adolescent as well.

This was the start to me finding the self help and personal development industry. Tony Robbins, of course, was one of the original influencers that provided insight and guidance to developing healthy life habits and rituals that would prove fruitful if practiced regularly. My Therapist of eight years, who I owe my sanity to, was able to bring me back to the earliest experience of sexual abuse to the last at 15 years old,  to sort it out and bring a sense of peace and awareness to facts, releasing the sticky emotional residue so I could feel free to move in life and in my own body, a feeling I’d never known since being abused at the age of 3 took that away.


There are countless other details of my life that I could share but I’d probably bore you, so I will list just a few here; I’ve put myself through advanced education twice, built multiple small businesses for myself and others in a variety of fields, managed a large team, worked with executives, explored spirituality, and have dug deep into how traumas effect the mind and body.

Every day I continue to learn, grow and practice what I know so I can be healthy, happy and provide an example to others that it is possible no matter what your past may look like.

My only desire is to share the tools and knowledge I’ve been gifted to others, so they are able to get to the next level of their life and really truly feel life.

Sincerely, A 


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